Saturday, September 23, 2006

On Digg/Netscape User Stats

(Click the image for better quality)

1st 12 hours: 985 new users (1970/day) (source)
1st 7 days: 3000 new users (428/day) (source)
1st 48 days: 34,000 new users (708/day) (source)
2nd 50 days: 26,255 new users (525/day) (source: netscape tracker on 9/20/2006)

97 days since first stat I could find: 194,809 (2008.34/day)
32 days in between next two stats: 66,327 (2072.7/day)
Number Sources: ~250000 444809 511136

I decided to forget about analyzing the story count because of the lack of numbers to look at.

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