Saturday, October 21, 2006

To Save or to Digg, That is the Question.

Ever notice a story whose server is down continue to get dugg? Ever been in a hurry and not had enough time to read a story that looks interesting? It seems like many people digg stories in order to bookmark them for later, which is an incorrect use of a 'digg'. To digg is to endorse, not to save. Thats why we need the ability to save a link for later. This is what it could look like:

Naturally, once you saved a story to look at later, you would be able to access them in your Saved folder or lockbox that can be accessed at*yourusername*/saved. I took a poll and found that 100% of people polled wanted the ability to save stories for later. (don't worry that the poll only included myself)


Anonymous said...

Good point, that is why digg is so time consumming. To digg it, you need to read the article first.

Anonymous said...

But Digg is a "Social Bookmarking" site... the meaning of the act of digging a story was originally to create an online bookmark of a site so that you can have it whenever you want... which to me would include the idea of "saving it for later". People are using the functionality of the site to stray the meaning of the word "Digg" towards a democratic vote of endorsement. That was not the original intent, as far as I understand the idea of social bookmarking. I dont see what's so horrible about someone "Digging for later".