Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Digg's Upcoming Features?

Kevin Rose recently mentioned that there were some upcoming features; 20 over the next month to be precise. That was of course written down November 9th, giving little time left to release such a large slew of features and updates.

Given the holiday weekend, I think we can all cut the Digg Crew some slack and should send them a big 'Thank You' for working so hard to keep digg valueable and enjoyable. Many thanks indeed!

With the new features coming soon, I thought I would speculate on what those might be. Here are a few ideas.

1. The Buried Stories Bin
What it is: Basically it is a bin where the stories that have been buried go to be re-evaluated. They can either stay buried or be voted back to the homepage or general queue.
Why this is important: Often times stories are buried due for no other reason than bias. "I don't like this user, or website" This gives people that enjoy reading those sites the ability to re-present them to the digg audience.
What makes me think this is coming? Digg & Co have repeated over and over about its development, from the digg blog to many many comments. (there are more, but you get the point) It would just make good sense to release it now.

2. Social Networking Features
What it is: Something along the line of profiles so users can interact better and easier.
Why this is important: Right now Digg is a quasi-community, but only through friends and comments. There is no real way to interact with fellow diggers.
What makes me think this is coming? Valleywag liveblogged Kevin's web 2.0 presentation and they mentioned that 'Digg is starting to create profiles. First, it shows users who are good or bad diggers. Second, it'll help Diggers socialize.'

3. Enhanced Publisher Tools
What it is: Some sort of flash based tools to help publishers know information about who is digging their articles and what is going on with them.
Why this is important: Publishers have caught on that good material = lots of hits. Knowledge about who make up these hits and how they are coming will enable dugg writers to know their audience better.
What makes me think this is coming? Valleywag's coverage of the web 2.0 conference again. They noted that 'Digg is also working on giving these tools to web publishers, giving dugg writers info about who's digging their story, what's going on. Digg's building a flash toolkit for this.'

4. The Digg API
What it is: A method to "...pretty much giving anyone who wants to create an application to manipulate the digg data the ability to do so."
Why this is important: I don't actually know why, but apparently API's help people do awesome things with data.
What makes me think this is coming? They said it is. One place was a ZDnet interview here.

Well thats all of the ones Digg has made clear are coming. Hopefully we will see some of them. What are some features that you, the digg users would like to see?

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