Friday, January 05, 2007

7 Version of 'Digg Mobile' Compared

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Update - It's 7 now.

Many Diggers can't seem to get enough of Digg, myself included. The biggest question for any Digg addict is where can they get their daily fix when they don't have access to their computers. There are actually several different options available depending on your particular needs.

Here they are, in no particular order (besides the official one being displayed first):

Official Digg River -

The official Digg for mobiles works and looks great. Besides the graphics at the top, it is text only keeping the load times low.

Digg Mobile by Mobits -

The mobits mobile version of Digg looks a bit different that the official version, but still keeps a graphically light interface to keep load times low. Also has multiple pages instead of loading one long page of news like diggriver does. - looks great, it utilizes the Digg look well into its interface. Don't be deceived by the Digg it buttons though, clicking them redirects you to the Digg story page. did not resize to fit my browser, so that could have implications for your browsing experience. shines in that you can sift through certain categories and view just those homepage articles.

Pocket Digg -


Pocketdigg is very light, much like diggriver, but offers several other technology news sources besides digg. These are available at the top of the screen, above what my screenshot included.

Original Signal - Transmitting Digg (for mobiles) -

Original Signal always seems to make great looking products, and this is no different. It also includes the category that the story came from if you like that sort of thing.

Digg Mobile (beta) -

Not the best thing ever, but it works.

TinyDigg -

TinyDigg is another minimal view of digg which I really like. It allows for viewing of separate topics instead of only the main Digg feed.

So there you go. 6 different ways to access Digg on a mobile device, for when you don't have access to a computer but absolutely must get your fix of Digg. (Thanks Mr. Funkmonkey for the tip)

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