Thursday, September 28, 2006

Customize and Improve your Digg Experience

I've been noticing that many diggers have been frustrated by the amount of "crappy stories" that have been making their way to the homepage. I agree that there are some stories that should not be on the homepage, others however, I just don't care about. That's when I decided to use the features Digg provides to improve my Digg experience. Here's how:

Remove the topics you don't care about from your homepage
This is actually a very simple task. Click the 'Add or Remove Topics' link on the left side of Digg. Now uncheck the boxes of the topics you don't care about. Personally, I removed political opinion.

Block Specific User's Comments
Sometimes I notice certain users who troll stories and naysay everything. Sometimes they might say something that it useful, but the majority of the time it isn't. I just block them. You can do this by clicking the icon next to the users name on their comments. You can unblock people by going to the blocked users tab in your profile settings.

Digg/Bury Stories
A lot of people will probably roll their eyes at this one and say I am stupid for saying this, but it needs to happen. Digg stories you like, bury stories that are Spam, Dupes, the Wrong Topic, Lame, or Inaccurate. I'm sure we would all be surprised at how many people complain about the quality of stories on the homepage, but do nothing to influence them. Be Active!

Now, for a few features I would like to see:

Blocking Specific Websites
Sometimes, I notice a bunch of posts I dont care about coming from a certain website, but I cannot use the Topic Removal Feature because they are posted in topics I care about. I think it would be helpful to have the ability to blacklist the specific website from your homepage.

Blocking Specific User Submissions
This would work the same as the one above, and would extend the blocking user comments feature. Again, there are some users I feel who don't post quality stories. The ability to block their submissions from my homepage would be awesome.

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