Sunday, September 24, 2006

Netscape makes the list....

Unfortunately it is the list of the Top 10 Web 2.0 Losers. Paul Scrivens writes that:
"It’s hard to call Netscape a loser because by default they should be receiving a ton of traffic with the use of one of the oldest Internet brands around. However, I don’t see them doing much simply because of the use of that old brand. Many people remember Netscape as being Microsoft’s whipping boy and newer people could care less what Netscape is because they know one thing, it isn’t Digg.

With a broader range of categories than Digg, it seems Netscape is trying to appeal more to the general public than just the technology crowd. However, that crowd doesn’t seem to be interested in going through stories and voting up the top ones and too much of the Digg crowd will remain loyal to Digg because of the community and interface (Netscape needs a UI overhaul in the worst way)."

While Netscape is definately not Digg, I would say that there is a different type of user present. Netscape does have some extremely active users that post, vote, and comment, but it looks like the a lot of people just don't get it, or don't want to get it (or don't know how to change their homepage). Some people just want their news without the social aspect attached. It will be most interesting to see what if anything is left in "social news" in a couple years.

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