Sunday, September 24, 2006

What happened to the 'Buried Stories Bin'?

The 'Buried Stories Bin' was described on the digg blog in April and it sounded like a promising and interesting feature. Kevin had this to say about it:
"Shortly after the next major launch of digg (v3.1), reported stories will fall into a 'buried stories' bin. Users will have the ability to pick through this story bin and vote to have a story reinstated should they believe it was falsely reported. Expect to see this feature in the next few months."
Don't ask me why but I sat watching for buried stories instances on the Digg Spy for 5 minutes today which jarred me into remembering such a feature being mentioned. After which, I realized a couple things. First, I want to be able to see which users bury what stories. Second, after initially describing it as 'promising and interesting' up above, do I (or digg users in general) really want another thing to do on the site?

I wonder if this is even still being worked on? I guess time will tell.

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