Thursday, October 19, 2006

700,000th Digger Joins the Digg Army

EDIT: Dan Huard just commented on my Digg submission saying that this number is not correct. My apologies.

Although I was unable to get an official count from Digg HQ, I used my tried and true method of trial and error to find out exactly how many users there were registered at Digg. Basically that consists of blocking user numbers hoping there is a corresponding user until I narrow it down to the exact number.

For those wondering who user 700,000 is, meet meihuanew who registered at about 1:58 pst.

Digg on.


assman said...

I thought there were 336,398 users.. I still don't quite understand how you came to your number.

(I used Digg's "All Users" list and went to the last page to get the number)

Stephen said...

On Augist 31 Dan Huard blogged on the digg blog that they had their 500,000th registration that day.

I found my number out by using the userblock function available to block specific user comments. Basically, each user has a number that corresponds to their username. So by blocking random numbers it is possible to see what user that corresponds to in your digg profile under blocked users. At the beginning of the day there wasn't a #700000 and at the end of teh day there was.

I still don't understand why the number used to identify a user to block them would be different than the number used to identify a new user. But I'm not the one looking at the digg database, so I must be missing something.

Xuemei said...

me? :)

Xuemei said...

me? :)