Sunday, October 15, 2006

What Makes a Top Contributor?

I was over at Netscape today when I became intrigued by the "Top Contributor" box. Curious as to what makes one a "Top Contributor", I looked closer and came up with some surprising stats. Here is what I found:

Looking at the data it is quite easy to come to a conclusion about one thing; that there is a difference between submitters and contributers. In my mind a contributer would be someone that contributes to the community of Netscape, and not necessarily someone that submits many stories. As you can see above, some users submit a large number of stories but have terrible homepage ratios. With the same data it is possible to also recognize that the users with better homepage ratios tend to be the ones actively commenting on stories.

In my opinion, the users with higher homepage ratios seem to submit less stories, but obviously higher quality ones. The users with low homepage ratios probably submit anything that isn't already submitted hoping to get lucky. Of course I didn't research that, but I'd guess its pretty true.

I hope that is somewhat enlightening to someone.

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TheAttacks said...

Very nice observation! We would like to see a lot of people submitting news to Netscape, but at the same time commenting and interacting within the community is regarded as gold! :)