Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not Everything on the Internet is Awesome

I've been getting some pretty good hits from people submitting the material from this site to digg. Personally, I find it pleasing to see people other than myself submitting things from here. There is one thing that bothers me however; people burying the material.

I don't mind criticism or anything, but over the last several weeks I have been noticing an increasing amount of material from this site and others being buried. I don't think Digg is burying it or anything shady like that, I just think that as a whole, the digg audience doesn't really care about general 'social news' news all that much. When people submit every post from one specific site, diggers tend to remember them and bury accordingly. This is basically because as stated above, not everyone is interested in everything that is talked about here.

I would believe that this is not just the problem with Inside Social News, which is why I propose a method be devised for blocking individual entries from being submitted to social news sites.

This way, when I feel that there is something worthy of being submitted that the general digg audience would accept, I can allow it. I think we can all agree that not everything is awesome. By limiting the material from specific sites to only top-notch content, the perception of said site would be much higher.

I am pretty sure that people will probably hate this idea because everyone seems to only care about hits and pageviews these days. Until this is possible Submit away :)


Muhammad Saleem said...

I completely agree with you Steve, in fact I was writing something very similar as per our conversation earlier today.

Not everything on the internet is awesome.

Chris Sandberg said...

I agree. I've gotten stuff submitted from my blog that I wouldn't even had submitted myself if I had run across it on some one else's blog. Luckily, I don't get too much submitted so I haven't experienced being buried though.