Thursday, November 30, 2006

Socio-Topical News is the Future

There are times when I am perfectly content with social news, albeit not very often. Really the only time I can think of that I am is when I use it as a tool to find things that are neat, weird, or funny. Usually this consists of funny videos on youtube or a flash game that I might play a couple times. However, social news seems to be falling short of a site like Google News, where news topics are grouped together.

Currently, on sites like digg or netscape, there is really only room for one source. Granted, Netscape's Navigators can add additional links they deem necessary. While this is a step in the right direction, it still fails to cover news topics properly. When a news story hits the front page people read it and thats that. If a story is submitted again dealing with the same topic, it is generally buried as a duplicate, regardless of its content value. Often times different sources can offer multiple views with new or supplementary information.

I have been paying attention to Techmeme ever since I was linked there several days back and I like what I see. Sure the site is not exactly social news like digg or netscape, but what is keeping those sites from adopting similar schemes? A while back I wrote an article proposing the grouping of similar and alternative sources into one topic. It seems that this is the next shift in social news. Sure there is still a place for social bookmarking and social 'cool stuff finding' but when it comes to news, who wouldn't want an easy list of topical links on a particular subject?

Perhaps it is just me, but I find that when it comes to general news topics the average 'social newser' only sees one side of the coin of news. Don't people want to read both sides of a story and decide for themselves?

Organizing news topics into groups of user-submitted links would not only accomplish this, but also spread some of the massive click-through love around. Are there any sites I am missing out on that do this? If so let me know, I want in.


What's Happening Right Now said...

Hi, you may want to look at Megite, it is like techmeme with more coverage.

Stephen said...

I'll give it a look over the weekend, thanks for pointing it out :)

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